Have your mentoring program organized

Biz4d is one of Germany’s TOP companies providing cutting-edge tools for implementing highly professional and highly effective mentoring-programs.

Every successful mentoring program consists of:

  1. A clear goal setting
  2. The interviews of mentors and mentees are done by a skilled and experienced coordinator
  3. Matching is based on a thought-through system
  4. Support to the tandem and evaluation by an experienced coordinator

What biz4d offers:

  • As mentor and mentee are new to their role, it is necessary to give them some basic tools and training on how to act best within their role
  • A system that provides support throughout the implementation and offers the right input at the right  time
  • A tool that enables you to undertake an efficient and thorough evaluation
  • You have already done all the effort to organize a mentoring program? Why not proudly communicate success stories?

Organizing a corporate mentoring program is demanding and requires experience. Each and every organization is reinventing the wheel while working with scarce resources in terms of budget and personnel.

At the same time, every mentoring program has components, which are similar within any organization and apply to most mentors and mentees. When analyzing the total workload for setting up a mentorship program, one can see that only a comparatively small share goes to customizing a mentoring program to the unique requirements of a particular organization – such as: identifying the “USP”, implementing a concept for internal and external communication and identifying how to evaluate and measure the achievements of the particular goal set.

A larger share of the workload is required to compile basic information materials, define roles and how the mentoring process should look like. This is why the German company biz4d has specialized on offering the standard components for a fair and fixed price and then lets the organizational partner choose, which of the remaining components they have resources to implement in-house and which they would love to be implemented by biz4d as outsourcing partner.

However the final model looks like: a biz4d expert will be coaching and guiding the organization throughout the whole implementation process! This unique model results in a mentoring program, which is professionally customized and cost-effective at the same time!

If you want us to contribute our best for an excellent mentoring program, than let’s see what we can do together! We are looking forward to hearing from you.