CSR mentoring program

The biz4d’s CSR Mentoring Programme offers your company a wide range of benefits.

Before starting the programme we will work together to identify the key areas where your own company may benefit most and agree on the programme’s objectives.

Biz4d will then set your company goals into practice by finding a suitable mentee and delivering support during the whole mentoring process. And best of all, we will also promote your company’s social engagement and corporate culture through our means and channels.

Please find our detailed three-step process below.

1. Addressing your needs together

Are you curious to find out whether our CSR Mentoring Programme fits with your company’s objectives?  Please contact us.

We offer a range of benefits for your company to focus on. We will fix an appointment with you and work together towards a tailor-made way to address your needs and achieve your objectives.

Some of the questions we would address are presented below:

Is it your company’s main goal to communicate to the world its positive social involvement by tackling social challenges?

Is it your company main goal to expand its professional network into regions you would find hard to access otherwise?

Is it your company’s main goal to improve your employees’ language, communication and leadership skills?

Together we will elaborate on the right balance and agree on an action plan.

2.  Finding your mentees through our international network

Biz4d does have a strong international network.

Recommendations from our partners help us find high potential mentees worldwide.

Our main focus hereby lies on countries and regions, that you may find it difficult to access otherwise, such as Africa and India!

Biz4d will set your company’s goals into practice and take on the work of finding the right mentee for your company based on your requirements and preferences:

  • language of mentorship
  • a specific region or country
  • a specific industry field (if required)
  • type of project the mentee is working on

We will also deliver support during all the CSR Mentoring Programme.

3. We promote your social engagement

Taking on the biz4d CSR Mentoring Programme is a great way for your company to have a positive social impact on our society and to communicate its contributions.

The mentoring process will provide you an “ongoing story” which you would find interesting to communicate through your company’s online media and press release content, putting your company in the limelight and bringing the online community and media attention into your efforts.

This will help your company to put the message out about the work you are doing, and so show the world the effort you are putting into supporting someone.

But that’s not all! We will also promote your company’s involvement with the cause through our channels and be your ally in showcasing important milestones in your CSR Mentoring Programme and your company’s corporate culture.

That’s what we call effective synergy!