Setting up a mentoring program within your company

A major challenge of seminars for personnel development is the transfer of knowledge into day-to-day work. Complementing further qualification of high potential employees with a mentoring program creates high additional values. Main reasons for this are long duration of such a program (e.g. one year) and the opportunity to discuss and solve actual challenges to personal and professional growth the moment they occur.

We believe “Great people have great mentors.” This is why we support organizations with implementing their own mentoring program and through thus identifying high potential personnel, develop them further and give them a stronger sense of belongingness to the organization.

There is nothing as effective as mentoring when it comes to harnessing the potentials of experienced seniors for the development of future leaders

Goals achievable through a mentoring program:

  • Minimize the ratio of externally recruited employees and this lower the costs for hiring new staff (knowledge drain, recruitment, and training)
  • Knowledge transfer: complementing formal education through seminars and workshops
  • Increase the share of women in leadership positions
  • Identify readily existing talents and potentials among your employees by receiving recommendations from their mentors and from personal meetings on mentoring events
  • Position your organization as an attractive employer for better results in recruitment
  • Offer a platform for talents to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas among each other thus communicate clearly you are supporting those, who give their best to support your organization
  • Support to particular target groups is as well possible, such as: graduates, expatriates, trainees, female employees, employees, who re-join there job after a pause etc.
  • Improved image as an attractive employer in the eyes of new applicants