Setting up university mentoring programs

Universities and Business Schools do push mentoring forward as well as corporate firms. The inspiration for such mentorship programs does probably originate from the US, where the major elite schools do offer mentoring programs to students – complementing their formal education. In Europe the topics well on the rise and is about to become one of the major means for meeting challenges, which the demographic change brings: how to develop existing high potential employees up to their full potential.

If the goal of a school is to keep in contact with graduates and alumni, then a mentorship program is one of the most effective tools available at all. Apart from that a mentoring program can be communicated easily and therefore it can create a positive image of the organization. Success-stories, which arise from a well designed and implemented mentoring program are great material for press, marketing communication, and for recruiting new students.

Mentor and mentee do work together for a longer period in time, which does often result in deep relationships, which may last way beyond the end of the mentoring program itself! Former participants will keep memorable moments of a successful mentoring program and feel emotionally attached to the organization providing it. This creates great benefits for a university or business school and gives a strong rationale for investing in such a program – even as an external sponsor! Needless to say that having the program professionally designed and implemented is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. This is what biz4d is going to support you in!

Having such a close communication with former graduates does also open up new collaboration opportunities for the school. The school can thus easily harness the potential that lies within the experience of former graduates and partnering companies in order to permanently improve the curriculum where required.