Training for Mentees

In dialog with their mentor, mentees work on their specific goals, develop strategies for goal achievement and reflect their own personality. The preparation of the mentees to their role is a matter of particular importance, because mentoring runs clearly more effective if the mentees are able to gain their mentors with their issues and goals again and yet again. Participants will be able to take the best out of mentoring with the help of effective preparation.

Contents of the mentor training

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a mentee within a mentoring-collaboration;
  • Learn practical tools for how to transfer these responsibilities into practice
  • Do’s and Don’ts for mentees as well as mentors;
  • Understanding the dynamics of goals setting in the particular context of mentoring and how to practically cope with it;
  • How to accelerate the process of achieving goals together a mentor;
  • Knowing the benefits for actively managing the mentee-part of the mentoring-process;
  • Understand the motivation of a mentor for making a non-paid commitment and learn how to best work in harmony with these;
  • Learn how to make a significant contribution for the mentoring being most beneficial for the mentor as well;
  • How to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with the mentor;
  • How to conduct a meeting with the mentor most effectively;
  • Practical advice for the collaboration across distance;
  • Special introduction into how to use the time between meetings as a lever;
  • Room for asking questions and exchanging with other mentees participating in the training.


The contents of the training are communicated by short introductory statements, practical workshops and training exercises.

Requirements: Participants are motivated to fill their role as a mentee in an active manner.

Through this practical approach prospective mentors gain practical experience and widen confidence within their role as mentors – knowing room for maneuver as well as limits. Training mentors is thus one crucial component to the success of the whole mentoring-program!

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