Training for Mentors

Mentoring is a learning process by which mentors do also gain experience and increase their knowledge. Besides the existing, professional experience, it is important for the success of the process to manage the collaboration, to know some tools for self-reflection, goal-setting and to know how to best design the collaboration.
Mentors, who are well prepared for their role as mentors, do gain as much from the mentoring process as mentees do.

Contents of the mentor training

Clarify: which are the responsibilities of mentor and which are the responsibilities of the mentee respectively;
Do’s and Don’ts for mentors as well as mentees;
Introduction to techniques of asking questions for a better goal setting and achievement;
Understanding the ambivalence of personal authenticity and authority and know strategies for dealing with it within a mentoring collaboration;
Introduction to learning resistance of the mentee and how to cope with;
How to set a framework, which enhances the commitment within the collaboration;
How to improve of the advisory skills;
Learn how to utter constructive and appreciating criticism;
Some helpful insights into a learning processes of a mentee and how to tap into their potential as a mentor;
Particular advice for the collaboration across distance;
Special introduction into how to use the time between meetings as a lever;
Room for questions and exchange with other mentors present in the training.


The contents of the training are communicated by short introductory statements, practical workshops and training exercises.

Through this practical approach prospective mentors gain practical experience and widen confidence within their role as mentors – knowing room for maneuver as well as limits. Training mentors is thus one crucial component to the success of the whole mentoring-program!

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