How do I find a mentor?

The first step of a successful mentoring relationship is the choice of the mentor. But how can you get in contact with interesting persons and how can you find your perfect mentor?

Where do I find a mentor?

Over the last years, the number of mentoring programs has increased notably – since the topic is so new there is still no reliable statistics. A number of universities offer mentoring programs that help students in finding a mentor and support the mentoring process. As well, many big companies assign experienced executives as mentors to trainees, inter alia to prepare them for leadership positions within the enterprise. Furthermore, there are a number of mentoring programs directed at a specific target group like women or alumni of a certain branch of study.

Many mentoring relationships also grow outside of institutional programs – for example through personal contacts or casual conversations with professors at the university.

But what if there is no possibility to participate in institutional mentoring programs? The access to target group specific programs is restricted since only a certain group can participate. And not every student or employee of universities or companies offering programs can enjoy mentoring. Mentoring programs have to be financed; in universities through tuition fees and public funds; in private companies through company funds. This limits the scope of the programs and thus the number of spots offered. Strict access criteria are being introduced and only a limited number of students or employees can profit from mentoring.

Furthermore, many young people don’t have anybody among friends and family they can ask questions about career planning or the foundation of a company.

If you also can’t find a mentor you can still profit from the advantages of a mentoring relationship: Find your mentor with biz4d! You don’t have to be part of an institution, belong to a certain branch of study or target group, everybody can find their mentor with biz4d!

Which mentor is right for me?

We support you in finding a mentor – it’s you who decides what you are looking for in a mentor!

Of course, a good mentor knows your specialty or your specific challenge, for example the foundation of a company. But biz4d does not only check these rather “hard” facts but takes into account the personality and expectations of mentor and mentee – a task that can’t just be performed by a computer program.

That’s why prior to the start of the mentoring program we have often personal and in-depth conversations with mentors and mentees to find out their wishes and expectations towards the program and the respective mentor/mentee. This way, we can match very individual mentoring tandems and assure that you find the right mentor!

You can support this process by developing a clear idea of you personal mentoring experience: What are your objectives and how can mentoring and your mentor support you in reaching these objectives; what characteristics do you want your mentor to have? The more precise your own ideas are the more effective mentoring can be for you!

Mentoring can take you a big step further in your personal and professional development! Do you want to talk to us? No problem!

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