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Successful mentoring is based on mutual learning, across generations and across functions.
• Top young talent reaches their full potential faster.
• Mentors become inspired and feel ready to take on new challenges in order to grow further.
• Work becomes more productive as young talents take on leadership roles.
• Collaboration across divisions becomes an accelerator for innovation.
• Collaboration across generations strengthens the young and the experienced!
At biz4d, we unleash the full potential of your senior leaders and top talent by bringing mentoring to the digital age. With the current demographic situation, taking care of your top talent is not optional anymore. Business depends on people.
Welcome to the place where people and organizations win. Together.

Services We Offer

Strategy Workshop

Successful companies are the ones, who have clearly stated their goals. The clearer our direction the further we get. If you plan ahead, you will have even better synergies with other initiatives and goals and save resources. As we have done this process many times, we can collaborate for a great frame. You know your company best. We have seen and contributed to many companies building strong mentorship programs. Together we will have ideas and results you haven't thought possible before!

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HR Coordinator Training

As HR responsible for the mentorship program you are crucial for the success of the whole mentoring program. Did you invest in yourself? We empower you to contribute value to your mentors, mentees, and company. Your work in building the most efficient mentorship program possible leverages through the number of your participants. You touch lives. Most companies never make the investment and learn from best practice readily generated by hundreds of other companies. Be better!

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Mentor Training

As a mentor, you impact the life of your mentee. Great coaches have a 2-year training for a strong impact. As a mentor, you have less time. Here we share with you in the most compact version possible: what are the best mentors doing better? How can you leverage your role for the success for both of you? Inspire!

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Mentee Training

A senior person from your company is investing time and effort to move you forward? Congratulations! Sounds like the chance of your life! Now you have an awesome chance and a responsibility.
We pride our selves to be one of the few companies to provide mentee's training because we know best how to guide mentee's on leveraging the relationship and getting the best out of it.
In our training, you will learn how can you "manage" someone, who is most likely senior to you? How to maximize value and sustain it for long-term? boost your learning

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Corporate mentoring club

"You are an HR coordinator and would like to successfully implement mentoring and gain new insights and learn from best practices? Then the Corporate Mentoring Club is right for you.
Together we think and exchange on more detailed and more sophisticated applications of the concept.
Multiply your Knowledge!"

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Power Partner

As one of the first companies on the globe: we support our customers to support each other. We are more powerful when we empower each other and at biz4d we are strong in doing that by building a mindset of mutual support.
Here we bring the concept to a whole new level: we create the right environment and resources that will allow HR Coordinators to boost and inspire each other!
Do you like it? Then join our community of mentoring professionals. We will match you with your personal power-partner - or bring your own and accomplish the journey together!

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Why the world needs mentoring

Every year, a historically large number of people retire in the western world, it’s not only that they leave the business, but also their experience and knowledge leave with them. So, what can we do to preserve their valuable knowledge? Mentoring is the real opportunity to retain this knowledge and pass it on across generations.

At the same time: according to a survey, 84% of mentees surveyed said that mentors had helped them avoid a costly mistake. By applying Mentoring, we will be able to take better and faster decisions, hold leadership positions and achieve better business results. Senior people get more inspired, more connected to the future generation, People become more productive and more connected at the same time.

We believe the concept of mentoring in itself is what makes us human and with a structured program. If you believe the same, let's work together and make mentoring happen!

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Our Client Testimonials

If you want to introduce mentoring professionally in your company, biz4d is a really good decision.

Dagmar Paulwitz-HoltzJägermeister SE

My expectations of the mentor training were absolutely fulfilled! It gives me a good basis to do justice to my task as a mentor. The exchange with other participants/mentors is also extremely valuable. I can definitely recommend the training to everyone who wants to work as a mentor.

Stephanie Siegfried Deputy Centre Manager McArthurGlen
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Welcome to the place where people & organizations win! Together.

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