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Mentoring Strategy-Workshop

Successful companies are the ones, who have clearly stated their goals. The clearer our direction, the further we get. If you plan ahead, you will have better synergies with other initiatives and goals.
We have a strong experience in strategic planning and goal setting. Together we will have ideas and results that once seemed impossible.
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Training for HR Mentoring-Managers

As an HR professional, you are crucial for the success of the mentoring program. Most mentorship initiatives fail just because they underestimate what it takes to run a successful mentoring program. Invest in yourself and learn how you can add value to your mentors, mentees, and to your company.
The success of your mentorship program starts with you.
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Mentor Training

As a mentor, you impact the life of your mentee. Great coaches spend on average a 2-year training in order to have a strong impact. We know you obviously have less time, that’s why we created for you in the most compact version possible: What the best mentors do to drive success? How can you leverage your role for the success of your mentee as well as yourself?
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Mentee Training

A senior person from your company is investing time and effort to develop you? Congratulations! Now you have an opportunity but also a responsibility. As one of the few companies offering mentee's training, our unique program will help you leverage the relationship and get the best out of it. You’ll learn how to manage someone, who is most likely senior to you, how to maximize value and sustain it for long-term.
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Mentoring Guidelines

Are you a mentor or a mentee and would like to get more guidance on how to leverage your relationship and achieve the best possible outcome? When it comes to mentoring, biz4d holds expertise since 2010 and we have put our knowledge and experience in some useful guides in addition to our trainings to further enhance your learning and facilitate your role.
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Power Partner

We are more powerful when we empower each other. At biz4d we are experts in building a mindset of mutual support because the value it brings is priceless. We create the right environment and resources that will allow HR coordinators to boost and inspire each other! Do you like it? Then join our community of HR professionals. We will match you with your personal power-partner, or bring your own and accomplish the journey together.
Power up now!

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Mentoring e-Learning

Are you too busy to attend a workshop? Would you like to reduce your travel cost but still develop your team members?
To meet your schedule and give you the freedom to learn at your convenience, we offer you a range of tailored E-learning courses for HR Coordinators, Mentors and Mentees right at your fingertips. All our open trainings are available on e-learning for greater flexibility. It’s a great complement for scaling and reaching people, who would otherwise not be able to attend.
Go digital now !

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Mentor Tandem Journey

Are you a mentor and would like to have support all along the process? Have you completed the mentor training? Would you like to learn how to put your learning into practical implementation? How about partnering with another mentor with similar experience and facing same challenges where you hold each other accountable and support each other to grow further in your roles as mentors? That's why we created the “Mentor Tandem Journey”. This is a 12 month journey where you collaborate and inspire each other to be the best mentors ever!
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Mentoring Accreditation

Great mentoring programs have great value on employees and on companies internally and externally. Many companies love to communicate that they have mentoring programs on their websites and as part of their Employer Branding communication, however, few of them have a really well structured and a positively impactful program. Your mentorship program is already of a great value? Then reward your success and share it to the outside by making the quality you are already offering visible to everyone.
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HR Mentoring Club

You are an HR coordinator and looking for tools that will help you excel further? Would you like to build on the ideas of others and have access to best practices? Then the HR Mentoring Club is right for you.
Get access to our HR professionals platform where we help each other grow further and drive successful mentoring program with outstanding results.
Multiply your Knowledge!

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Are you new to mentoring programs? Do you already have a mentoring program but would like to excel further? Do you have questions, need guidance or even face challenges?
Mentoring Programs are our passion and we hold expertise in this area that we always love to share and help others grow. Our consulting sessions are an eye opener for you. We bring innovative solutions to you and pro-actively address your challenges in a way that will foster your learning and achieve exceptional results.
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