Mentoring software


You already have a mentoring program and you got the taste, potential and beauty of it?Now how can you make sure more people in your company benefit from this fantastic concept?  How to avoid getting overwhelmed with the workload?

You need a system

It’s time to scale up your mentoring program, professionalize it and track results through our mentoring software!

This software is brought to you by a company that has managed entire mentoring programs since 2010 and supported thousands of tandems.

The value we bring to your business:

  • Professional match of a large number of mentors and mentees
  • Onboard and train your participants for their role as mentors and mentees
  • Professionally guide and support them through the process
  • Automatically evaluate the effectiveness of your mentoring program on meta-level

At biz4d we Automate what can be automated, humanize what needs to be humanized.

Why is valuable to have a mentoring software?

Scale up

Scale your mentoring program to make a large number of employees benefit from it

HR Effectiveness

Reduce workload through our guided process that allows you to support, guide and evaluate results


Connect people anywhere in different languages and locations to win together.

Focused Support

Support them exactly when and where they really need you


Track progress & measure KPI

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