Program conception | Strategy workshop

Your organization needs a structured mentoring strategy that will help you realize your business goals. Setting the mentorship program’s strategy is the first and one of the most important steps in the mentoring program. In this workshop, we will establish the structure that is aligned with your business priorities. Based on our proven approach, obstacles are recognized and solutions are developed leveraging the unique potential that resides within each organization!

Excerpt from core questions:

➤ What are the key business benefits that mentoring provides to the business? How can it be quantified and measured?
➤ How do you best inform the workforce about the program?
➤ Which individuals are best suited as a mentor in the company, and which would most benefit from being a mentee?
➤ Which selection criteria for mentees makes sense?
➤ How do we inspire experienced employees to become mentors?
➤ How do we successfully manage cooperation across different locations?
➤ Which divisions have the greatest need for the retention and transfer of knowledge & experience?
➤ How does mentoring strengthen the sense of belonging of employees?
➤ How can mentoring be established in your company in a sustainable manner?
➤ What are your expected challenges during the program?

Workshop objectives:

Implementation Plan:
At the end of the workshop, you will have a concrete strategy and an implementation plan. Thus, you will be able to inform all parties involved at an early stage and increase your planning security through clear structuring.

Target group:

You decide who will attend this workshop. Participation could be useful for:

➤ HR manager
➤ Personnel development/coordinators of the mentoring program
➤ Company leadership
➤ Work Council
➤ Potential mentors
➤ Marketing team

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    Highlights from our training

    • Structure aligned to business priorities
    • KPIs and possible measurement
    • Link with vision of the organization
    • Communication strategy
    • Synergies with other measures
    • Identifying and managing bottlenecks
    • Process of continuous development
    • Implementation planning
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