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Mentor training is a core component of mentorship program. Mentees as well as mentors learn how to build positive and successful relationships, advance personally and professionally. Furthermore, mentors learn how can they pass on their valuable experience and knowledge to high potentials in a goal-oriented and fun way!

As a mentor, you impact the life of your mentee. Great coaches spend on average a 2-year training in order to have a strong impact. We know you obviously have less time, that’s why we created for you in the most compact version possible: What the best mentors do to drive success? How can you leverage your role for the success of your mentee as well as yourself?
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Highlights from our training

  • Role of mentor and mentee
  • Steer the conversation effectively
  • Be mindful with goal-setting
  • Design your collaboration
  • Anticipate resistance to change
  • Support your mentee effectively
  • Make learning easier
  • Collaborate across distance
Benefits of mentor training:

➤ Prepare your mentors in order to excel in their role . In this way, they will be able to start working together more quickly and achieve higher successes
➤ Enjoyable experience, the best managers and specialists will commit themselves with enthusiasm over many years
➤ Mentors grow and develop as leaders
➤ A culture of mutual support is created

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Mentor training

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August 16, 2019

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July 10, 2019

Mentor Tandem Journe

We created the “Mentor Tandem Journey”. This is a 12 month journey where you collaborate and inspire each other to be the best mentors ever!

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