Mentee Training

We believe that mentees are the ones who "steer the ships” of their lives and careers. We enable you to become a better captain, take responsibility and use this opportunity to accelerate your learning and achieve success!

As a mentee you have the opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills from your mentor. In this training we help you acquire useful skills to benefit from the valuable experience of your mentor. You will learn techniques on how to better identify and achieve your personal and professional development goals.

What you’ll learn in our mentee training:

➤ What are your roles and responsibilities as a mentee?
➤ How can you reach your full potential faster?
➤ How can you ask good questions and increase your personal benefit?
➤ How can personal and professional development be accelerated?
➤ How to use the relationship with your mentor?

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    Key highlights from our mentee training

    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Asking right questions
    • How to be well prepared
    • Leveraging relationship with mentor
    • Building trust
    • Identifying areas of development
    • Leveraging personal & professional development
    • Working across distance

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    Mentee training

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    July 5, 2019

    Mentee Training

    This is your ultimate guide for a successful mentoring program that will boost your learning experience! In this training, mentees will develop a better understanding of mentorship. We’ll reveal to you the secrets that will accelerate your learning.

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