In order to achieve our clients’ success even better, we engage in partnerships with other companies that provide skills and solutions complementary to ours.

More Companies Urgently Need Internal Mentorship Programs

People development is crucial to thrive in today’s competitive business. Within your business, mentoring is proved to be an effective approach to develop your C-Level executives; onboarding new employees; manage diversity, talent-development or international assignments.

You Have the Industry Expertise

Have you already established working-relationships in your corporate academy OR as a professional trainer and would like to grow further? Do you want to integrate or offer mentorship programs that is demanded by 70% of Fortune 500 companies?

Grow Your Business Fast

Ready to further expand your business and diversify your portfolio? We are leveraging professional mentoring programs with a mentoring software and digital tools. Together with it, we are building a pool of professional trainers to leverage implantation much faster. Be part of the movement!

The "Mentor Train-the-Trainer" Plan

The journey to master the content and impress your clients

The first step in the mentoring journey will be the mentor training. It is a highly interactive program of blended learning that includes e-learnings, face to face workshops, business simulation and assessments.

The training will be conducted by our CEO Ms. Eleonore Wall or Mr. Jürgen Hollstein (CEO MCM)

The "Mentee Train-the-Trainer" Plan

Once you master the mentor training, you’ll be ready to take our mentee training. Or you and your colleague can do both trainings in parallel.

The training will be conducted together with our certified trainer Mr. Gordon Geisler and will include our mentee training material.

Why consider licensing partnership with biz4d?

Trusted by leading companies

We are trusted by leading companies such as Philips, Jägermeister, Nordex in Germany and Europe

Save money & time

We will give you access to a wide array of resources and networks that will kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. It easily saves you 3 months of work


Together we combine efforts and cooperate to extend our reach by marketing & endorsing each other

Save your reputation

Don’t first burn 3 clients to get concept right. Be most professional right away. We have a complete business model and will empower you with the needed resources.

Winning decision makers

Get to know the right techniques of selling your mentor training by enrolling in our “customer value” program for our mentor training.

Passive income

Our mentoring software enables you to scale your mentoring program, match participants, track progress and measure KPI. You will receive a % of sales when you sell our software to your clients.

Welcome to the place where people and organizations win! Together.

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