Train the trainer


Train the trainer

If your organization have an internal academy or certified trainers and would like to scale up your mentoring program to reach a greater number of people at your convenience, then “Train the trainerprogram is the right choice for you!

We have structured “Train the trainer” mentoring program where we share our strategy, tips, tools and materials with a trainer for an effective mentoring training.

This will equip the trainer and will enable him to convey an effective mentoring program customized to the company’s needs and values. Whenever and wherever you want, enjoy the benefits of this program at your own pace with a very competitive price

This training is for:

  • Professional trainers who already have a training certification.
  • Companies who have internal training academies with their own trainers and want to qualify their trainers to do inhouse mentoring training.

*Please note that we will make an assessment and will maintain the right to reject if the pre-experience is not sufficient. 

Why consider Train the Trainer for your mentoring program?

  • Reduce overall training cost
  • Develop mentoring training that is aligned with your company culture, values, employees and customer needs
  • Increase the number of employeestrained and engaged through your trainer
  • Enrol mentoring program with greater flexibility
  • Integrate your mentoring training with your company’s internal case studies and examples making it more relevant
  • Increase the development rate efficiency and productivity by having more people accessing your mentoring training
  • Enhance your employer branding by providing more accessible training opportunities

Our process to ensure a quality training:

A glimpse of our agenda

Train the trainer

Train the trainer
December 5, 2019

Frankfurt 15./17.07.2020.

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