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The key to effective Mentoring


Goal / Strategy Workshop

➤ Aligning business priorities
➤ Addressing potential pitfalls
➤ Identifying target group
➤ Setting goals for the program and their KPI
➤ Stakeholder management, recommendations, communication plan, etc.

Coordinator Training

➤ Selection process for mentors and mentees
➤ Risk management & solution
➤ Stakeholders management
➤ Quality criteria for success
➤ Support & evaluation
➤ Cost-efficient implementation

Mentor Training


Care & Support

➤ Ensuring a top quality implementation process
➤ Support HR coordinators through implementation coaching
➤ Support mentors & mentees through our useful guides
➤ Milestone refresher training courses


➤ Process evaluation
➤ Valuable interim results
➤ Joint workshop, evaluating the results together and planning further implementation for next year

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