Eleonore Wall

CEO, biz4d

Keynote speech

Would you like to win and excite your people to join your mentoring program?

Do you want them to become aware of the enormous potential benefit that mentoring can bring to them personally and to the entire company?

Ignite your people and have that spark in their eyes. Inspire them with anecdotes from many years of experience and get them on-board with Ms Eleonore Wall inspiring speech.

With her keynote speech, she will for sure make everybody understand the enormous value of supporting each other and creating a culture of mutual support and learning through mentoring.Contact us for tailoring the concept to your company.

Contact us for tailoring the concept to your company.

Get to know more about Ms Eleonore Wall.


Discuss the structure and potential benefits of mentoring program as well as an open discussion for exchange.

A glimpse of some topics discussed:

  • What is Mentoring? What is the difference between mentoring, coaching and leadership?
  • Why do many companies invest in mentoring today?
  • How can mentors & mentees increase their personal benefit as well as their mutual success from this collaboration?
  • What are the real costs and benefits for the company implementing mentoring?
  • How can you structure your mentoring program? How much time do you need to invest?
  • How to define mentoring success criteria for your company?
  • What are the advantages of mentoring that goes beyond mentor and mentee collaboration?
  • Discussion & exchange: please prepare your questions and thoughts in advance
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