Organize your own mentoring program

Why many companies have already implemented internal mentoring programs:


     Personal commitment of top performers

        Talent is discovered faster and used even better

     Managers become productive faster in their new role

      Cost savings, since already made mistakes are repeated less frequently

     Experience knowledge that has already been built up is duplicated efficiently and practically

     Even experienced employees receive new inspiration and develop further

     Experience knowledge is appreciated


Goals of a mentoring program in the company

Typical millstones

 Joint conception:

  • Identification of the critical benefits of mentoring and the corresponding implementation processes
  • Clarification of the target group, the approach to stakeholders and framework programs
  • Planning the involvement of all parties involved and the steps for implementation


Option for internal coordination:

  • Personnel development empowered to accompany essential components of the mentoring concept internally at an even higher level
  • This results in a cost-efficient overall concept
  • We have valuable “know-how” from many years of mentoring from matching the support to evaluation


Preparation of mentors:

  • With good preparation, managers as mentors can achieve a lot in little time
  • The mentor can facilitate the learning of the mentee
  • The mutual benefit from mentoring increases through clarity in role and responsibility
  • Well-prepared mentors and mentees means higher quality mentoring collaboration and for you as a company that you also achieve set goals


Preparation for mentees:

  • Well-prepared mentees ask better questions and thereby develop faster
  • Well-prepared tandems work together successfully over a long period of time
  • Higher quality on the part of the mentees at the same time the appreciation of the commitment of your best employees as mentors


Support during the cooperation:

  • We support you as a coordinator during the process with our implementation couch
  • Mentors and mentees receive guidelines for process support
  • Milestones refresher trainings support the participants and increase the quality of cooperation



  • With our concept for process-accompanying evaluation, you have value intermediate results as well as an overall evaluation
  • In a Joint workshop, we evaluate the results and plan further implementation for next year. This is how we continuously develop your mentoring program


What’s next?

Together we carry out a cost-benefit analysis, which forms a solid basis for a good decision.


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