How a young lady with 2 years of education inspired us to create biz4d?

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I, as the founder Eleonore, have a background in natural science and emphasis in development economics and during my studies I had already built a network of students who were active in development work.

In one of my travels to Morocco, I was lucky to meet a young woman called Ayse, who despite having only 2 years of schooling, had managed to not only build two small businesses but also had so much respect in her village that she was the first woman in the history of the village to be in the circle of elderly in that village.

She had also fought through getting her driver’s license. Despite having quite a number of achievements, she was still fighting really hard and people kept on telling her if she continued like that she would never find a husband. Finding resources is still a very challenging thing for her and even finding any type of support.

The idea I had back then was what if we gave somebody, who had already proven ambition and drive to improve their local conditions, an opportunity to get somebody from outside the system who was just not part of the system but also had somehow more experience and could give great advice on different topics.


What if we gave somebody who had already proven ambition and drive to improve their local condition?

There’s so much a person from outside the system can do in terms of support which is not financial and thus have a great leverage for both the mentor and mentee because it can be very inspiring to see how other people are fighting in pretty tough conditions and see their ideas and solutions. Hence Biz4d came into being.

Today we are a team and our central offices are in Frankfurt. Our vision is to empower mentors and mentees. We started out matching experienced mentors with juniors like startups and young professionals and today we help organizations build entire mentoring programs because that’s part of the journey. When we work with HR mentoring coordinators programs, they are the multipliers, they help us to spread the word of mentoring much faster. As a result we have so many more mentors and mentees locally and internationally.

So we would like to take this opportunity and thank mentors for being willing to share their experience and contribute for young people to grow into better human beings and help them shape and improve the society and world one at a time.

Let’s create a movement where people, organizations and global community win. Together.

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