Remote Senior International Traineeship: Software Development, Sales, HR, Training & Development, Corporate Mentoring.

Remote Senior traineeship opportunity

About biz4d

We are biz4d, a German consultancy firm based in Frankfurt in a fast-paced working environment working on mentorship programs for corporate leadership and talent development.

Our corporate clients include companies such as Philips, Jägermeister, municipalities, the production industry, banks, etc.: typically, with between 500 to 20,000 employees.

Business Value of Mentoring today:

What you bring

  • You are 100% proficient in your job and don’t need any learning for your profession but can even lead others
  • Minimum 2 hours per day consistently.
  • High value on accuracy, personal professionalism, and striving for excellence. We have clients on a high level.
  • Excellent self-leadership, work without self-guidance
  • High speed and pressure are things you are comfortable working in.

What we offer you

  • References for your CV with international experience. Advance your career.
  • Perfect your English skills in a professional working environment
  • If your German already is at a professional level, perfecting that also is welcome
  • Meet colleagues and potential clients from all across the globe. Gain confidence in working with different cultures.
  • Enhance your personal growth and professional networks across the globe
  • Learn efficient working techniques – as a German company, we highly demanding clients.
  • Enhance your skill set and learning which will improve your self-confidence
  • Receive a personal letter of recommendation, if collaboration is at the respective quality level.

Let hear from you

Areas for Collaboration

Please pick your favorite area for collaboration at the bottom of the page.

Sales, Outreach & Negotiation

You love to excite people and play a critical role in expanding our footprint and inspire customers to join in?

Software Developer PHP, Laravel, MySQL

Help us develop new features, automate workflows, and improve our platform by contributing your technical expertise.

Training & Development

Developing the learning journey, supporting customers and customer journey.

HR/Corporate Talent Development

Help us build a better human resource system while implementing the core concepts of HR training and talent management.

Business development specialist: Strategy & Expansion

If you are an business development specialist, you are more than welcome to help us in business process management, market analysis and etc.

Please also share this with anyone, for whom this might be a life-changing opportunity!