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 From and for JCI members

M ore than ever we as JCI need to be there for each other 

E ncourage each other to step up and lead 

N o excuse mentality when it comes to quality of leadership 

T o share and enjoy the support from others 

O nboard new members and include them in our community faster 

R edeveloping a passion for creating a positive change 

I nclusion of diverse cultures and understanding the importance of diversity 

ew mindset development to achieve leadership qualities 

rowing our business together 

The Mentoring Journey

The program supports quality training and guidance to both mentors and mentees on how to mutually learn and achieve their goals. We designed the program uniquely for JCI members to provide a framework and a platform for Mentors and Mentees to connect, network, create positive change and share resources. A long lasting relationship is created by matching Mentors and Mentees who have a common basis determained by their values, motivations, strengths and personalities. Through trainings for the Mentors and Mentees we encourage a successful workflow within the tandems and help each mentor and mentee achieve their goals.

Let’s create a movement and become the leaders we aspire to be!

You are welcome to join our open Zoom-Meeting, discussing the project!


JCI Global Mentoring

Partnership Programs

What is your most important area of personal growth at the moment?

Entrepreneurship Mentoring

Experienced entrepreneurs support junior entrepreneurs. We increase value of our community and create an environment of thriving entrepreneurship.


Let’s support & hold each other accountable for better quality leadership. Let’s strengthen the organization from within and our impact in the world by leading better.

JCI Leadership
(coming soon)

You are now a JCI department-head, director or part of the leadership in your chapter? Well, there are a few among us, who have been there before. You want to talk?

Business Owners' Mastermind
(coming soon)

As businesses owners in growth-stage, as next generation is family-owned businesses as members we can give constructive feedback and support to each other.

Local Chapter Mentoring
(coming soon)

Some larger chapters may need and wish to provide mentoring internally and locally inside the chapter on certain specific areas. For concepting talk to us.

About the Partnership biz4d and JCI

We are honoured to be able to work in collaboration with JCI since the managing director Eleonore Wall is a member of the JCI for over 10 years. Biz4d mentoring programs are also looking back on over 10 years of implementing mentorship across the globe since 2010.

You want to volunteer help us coordinate all the JCI mentoring-programs? Get in touch at: jci-mentoring@biz4d.com keyword “volunteer”. Thank you!

What are you waiting for? The world needs you as a leader, come and grow!