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“Strategy management is not a box of tricks or a bundle of techniques.  It is analytical thinking and commitment of resources to action.” – Peter Drucker

It is the raging mental war of: How can I be better? It is seen in our daily business life, the fight to be seen, the competition between the sexes. Men and women strategizing their professional future, the end goal in mind. Mentoring also has strategies, thus choosing your mentor and knowing who to mentee, should be a question you have already answered

Mentoring strategy. Every successful company has it. Organizations need a well-structured mentoring strategy that will help them realize their business goals. Setting the mentorship program’s strategy is the first and one of the most important steps in the mentoring program.  Mentor workshops, will establish the structure that is aligned with the business’ priorities. Based on proven approaches, obstacles are recognized and solutions are developed leveraging the unique potential that resides within each organization. Somewhere the question rose… “What unique qualities do I bring to the table; what qualities would I want to develop?”

To answer the questions, business strategies need to be implemented in your professional career as well. Talk to professionals in mentoring and find out what your professional resources are and exploit them, develop them and learn to share them. Successful mentoring is based on mutual learning, across generations and across functions, it enables us to achieve success.

Being a well-trained mentor and understanding your company’s mentoring program is of cardinal value to your own development and to the program. It helps no one if you are a brilliant business man, but cannot share your knowledge.

Become what you needed, when you were a young professional. Share your knowledge, unique business strategies and experience with young professionals and watch them develop into successful mentees and professionals. Become a mentor.

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