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At Biz4d serve different clientele including companies and Organisations.We focus on implementing mentoring programs for corporations and organisations, mostly in corporations that are larger than 500 people because that is where the systematic transfer of knowledge and experience really pays off. In small companies with around 50 people everyone talks to everyone and they are most likely in the same location as compared to bigger cooperations where the employees will be found in different locations thus creating silos.Hence, to have a structured and effective transfer of experience between generations, between silos, between different ideas in many ways will benefit the business a lot in terms of demographics, innovation, process performance, leadership effectiveness, personal growth and corporate culture that is a culture where everyone supports each other to succeed and thrive and hence the business thrives thus leading to a win-win situation.

We help companies achieve these wins by first strategizing the concept. That is we look at the companies KPI‘s are, we also analyse who are the most effective or most important people whose knowledge, culture, experience you want to transfer or to multiply within your organisations, who are the mentees that is the people who will benefit the most from that experience. Then you make sure you get the right information about the experience as well as the juniors out like what they have to share, what they need to learn, who they are as people to make sure you have great connections, its very crucial and important to have great matches between mentors and mentees from the onset.

The second step is usually training the mentors to be effective mentors.We teach the mentors how they can transfer experience so that someone else actually loves to listen. There is a lot of power in being effective by sharing your experience so, someone else feels comfortable to take it and to grow with it. We then train the mentees and this we can do it in parallel with the mentor training.We train the mentees to ask right question and how to make someone else to enjoy bringing them forward.This brings so much joy and effectiveness to the whole program if you have well-trained mentees and it saves the mentors time and energy and thus save cost for the program. We train HR coordinators on how to do mentor and mentee interviews, on how to match ,support and evaluate the effectiveness of the program we do this through our coordinator training.

We have guidelines for mentors and mentees and we support you and utilizing and multiply your success also in terms of the marketing and employer branding and we help you generate a learning program so you permanently improve your mentorship program, you make it more adjusted to the very unique culture and circumstances of your organisation and you make sure that it does become a core of your DNA and your corporate culture.

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August 25, 2022

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